Ice Cream is a game designed and developed by a Vietnamese studio
As its name, we only need to eat ice cream as many as possible to score. However, it is interesting to eat ice cream with your own mouth instead of tapping on the screen or using conventional controls. This is a very new interactive form that can be said to be the latest in the mobile gaming market, which is well worth the experience

Ice Cream Video Game Experience

Ice Cream uses Google's facial recognition technology that allows players to "eat" the virtual cream on the screen by moving their mouth through the front camera. Combining sound but lively, beautiful effects, players will have the same feeling as sitting at a real ice cream shop.

Depending on the level you reach, players will enjoy the cream from the ice cream, cinnamon cream, fruit cream, ice cream - each with a dozen types of ice cream, chocolate, ice cream, fruit cream ...and finally cream cake. If player "Eat" one cream cake, players also get a terrible rewards, so terrible that can help players go to the top of the global rankings.
There are not only many different types of ice cream but Ice Cream has also many different types of play.

In detail, we have three types of playing game: Classic (cream comes from the bottom of the screen), Arcade (cream drop out from the top), and Marathons (immortal playing type , eat many as you can in 2 minutes to score). For the two regular types, the player will have 3 lives (3 hearts), missing one cream you lose one heart. Dont be worry if you lose your heart, in case scores reach the milestone of a even number hundred (100, 200, 300 ...) players will be randomly rewarded a heart, helping people extend the endless journey.
In addition, there are three obstacles in the game: chili, rock and dynamite to increase difficulty. The interesting thing is that each time you eat chili or ice, the game will attach the facial expressions (cry with tears, tooth broken) on player face. This makes game look live and interactive.

Ice Cream, due to the use of facial identification technology from the giant Google so face detect to interact in game has very high accuracy, very smooth, feeling when playing more real. Even better: Game Ice-Cream is free.
Unfortunately, this game is only available on the Android platform. In the coming time, the development team will release versions on other platforms, promising to create a fever in the mobile games on the world.

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Last updated: Oct 21, 2018
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